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SCIO Machine


The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is the most advanced system of therapy available in energetic medicine. The SCIO combines all known applications of Biofeedback and operates through a unique medical software, which is the largest in its field to date.

The SCIO is a safe, non-invasive, powerful bio-feedback device that stimulates the tremendous self-healing capacity of the body through stress detection and reduction. The stress of living in today’s environmentally complicated world can lead to many pressures upon the body system. Stresses that impact the body include pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi etc), toxins, traumas, nutrient deficiencies, allergies, hereditary disorders, mental factors and perverse energies. These stresses often result in a lowered immune system, chronic pain, low performance, disease, depression, insomnia and emotional ups and downs. The SCIO is an extraordinary device that can help balance and correct the over-stressed body system through stress reduction.

The SCIO is designed to correct the manifestation of stress and/or electro-stress patterns within the individual at a physiological level. The device works on the theory that stress disrupts the inherent electromagnetic frequencies at which the body’s cells resonate and that by returning these frequencies to their natural state, the stress and any subsequent illness that occurred, are occurring or may be occurring because of this disruption may be reduced.

Life itself is about energy flow because everyone runs on electrical energy. We are all energy beings. Since the 1930s, scientists have discovered that all forms of life resonate or vibrate at particular frequencies. Everything - all our tissues, cells, organs, emotions and thought patterns have their own unique electro-magnetic fields, as do allergens, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Therefore imbalances that reside in our bodies and minds can be detectable and reduced via the correction of their particular electro-magnetic fields.

Healthy tissue will respond in a predictable way, while unhealthy tissues will conduct pulses differently, producing different readings. Traumatized, inflamed or degenerative tissue all produce different readings compared to the client’s baseline norm. Thus in the cybernetic loop, the SCIO measures the body electric and produces feedback for wound healing, pain reduction, relaxation and stress reduction through electrical stimulation.

The SCIO works in a naturopathic manner to stimulate and harness the powerful self-healing ability of the human system. All interactions take place within the body’s natural electrical parameters. The device focuses on stress reduction and can provide information on the possible origins of stress and disease throughout the body.

SCIO Patient


The SCIO scanning and therapy process is PAINLESS and non-invasive.

The SCIO is connected to you via a headband and wrist and ankle straps. These send and receive the electromagnetic signals to the body. The SCIO is then connected to a computer, which runs the sophisticated software needed for effective applications.

Body Scan


The SCIO has a database of test frequencies for over 9000 substances, which makes this machine unlike any other. It scans the body (much like a virus-scan on a computer) against its vast library of 9000 test substances and then produces a list of items that are causing stress in the body. The SCIO is able to scan your entire body at a speed of approximately 1/100th of a second for each substance. Therefore the testing procedure is completed in only approximately 3 minutes.

The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in the head and limb straps, which provide an accurate and precise picture of the client’s general status. This information is selected and listed by the SCIO in order of the highest reaction and the stressors are analyzed in the course of a stress management session.


The SCIO offers over 85 biofeedback therapies, all of which are safe and self monitoring.

Once your imbalances and stresses have been identified through testing, a unique programme is selected from among 85 different vibrational biofeedback therapies to help bring you balance and relief. These therapies are well known, safe, widely accepted, and used daily by thousands of clients/patients worldwide.

During a session the SCIO measures the body’s resonance/reactance pattern and determines what benefit has occurred in the time period since the las t measurement (less than a second earlier). If there has not been an improvement, the input resonance is altered. It maintains each beneficial setting as long as it is helping and changes it as soon as it is no l onger useful. Some special SCIO applications include:

Designed to measure bioresonance and electrically balance the acupuncture points with harmonic resonant frequencies

Stimulates and adjusts the meridian system utilizing a frequency applied technique.

Balances the subtle energy centers in the being, known as the Chakra system.

A deep balancing protocol designed for stabilizing the trivector (voltage, amperage, resistance) and increasing the patient’s energy levels

Includes several programs designed for muscular re-education for sport injuries and muscular enhancement for sportsmen

Muscular reeducation for injured muscles and pain reduction through MENS (Microcurrent Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming):
Designed for stress reduction, emotional counseling and stress management on a deep level

Electromyography biofeedback, simple electroencephalography biofeedback, three-pole electrocardiography biofeedback and galvanic skin response applications to enhance your biofeedback therapy

Records and balances the reactivity scores to several items in the Matrix


The SCIO operates via a bio-feedback system which is highly sensitive and responds to your changing electrical requirements. In other words, during a session the device continuously sends and receives electrical messages from you and therefore monitors, evaluates and changes the therapy accordingly. Therefore unlike other devices, the SCIO can only give as much correction as your body dictates; this gives you a specific therapy, duration and intensity which is unique according to your own body’s demands. This makes the SCIO extremely safe.

The SCIO testing and therapies also do not interfere with medications from orthodox medicine and can in fact compliment pharmaceuticals.



The SCIO is ideally suited to children and babies, as they are often unable to verbally communicate how they are feeling. The SCIO is also painless and non-invasive. The SCIO can detect stresses within the systems and deliver applications, which have proven positive effects in reducing pain, healing traumas and reducing stress.


...with the SCIO technology Eva could tell me exactly what I was allergic to within a few minutes confirming what had taken me nearly 20 years to work out for myself through trial and error ... this helped me manage my diet and health confidently and effectively...

Eamonn, Surrey

In my opinion, the SCIO device is the best invention ever made!

It is absolutely incredible how this device can find out exactly what is wrong with every part of your body without having to go through extreme or very invasive procedures. I was amazed to hear all the problems I had after my first consultation! I knew that something was wrong with me and my body did not feel right but I did not realise how wrong things were. I honestly do not believe my physician or any physician for that matter could have told me even a tenth of the amount of information the SCIO provided, and they would have had to have sent me for a number of tests to be able to deduce this little bit of information. It is amazing that our bodies can be treated for all these problems with natural supplements. What amazes me even more about the SCIO device is the ability this machine has in determining which supplements my body will absorb and the quantity my body will absorb. This way Eva is able to provide me with the best possibly treatment!

After two appointments and 6 months of treatment I no longer have gall stones, a leaky gut, my ulcerations have cleared, my pancreas has healed, my sympathetic nervous system was corrected, my adrenal gland and thyroid were working well again, and my vitamin B levels were corrected.

If there were more people like Eva in this world, with a SCIO device, there would be a multitude of happy people lining up to see them.

Warren, London

I have been attending regular SCIO sessions over the past 4 years and it has helped to identify the cause and cure health issues such as Eczema which I’ve had since childhood and seen numerous skin specialists. The SCIO has identified and kept at bay potential vitamin deficiencies and generally kept me in good overall health - physically, mentally and emotionally. This has resulted in no visits to the doctor due to ill health or time taken off work. I have recommended the SCIO to friends who can benefit from it and they too have been happy with the improvement in their health and wellbeing. I always look forward to my SCIO sessions and would continue to use it in the future, especially as all supplements are natural and have no side effects unlike “normal” medicines. I feel it’s a great way to have a personalised “wellness” check up and to identify potential issues which can cause ill health if not treated.

Sonal, London

I was recommended to try SCIO with Eva by a friend of mine and i’m so pleased that i did as i had suffered 3 miscarriages over the course of 3 years with no explanation as to why. But not long after receiving treatment i became pregnant again and now i have a wonderful 2 and a half year old son. I would recommend SCIO to anybody.

Michelle, Surrey

Since having sessions with Eva and SCIO my health has improved tremendously. After picking up salmonella on holiday I was troubled for several years that followed with one ailment or illnesses after another.

I had no energy and everything felt like an effort. A friend of mine suggested that I try SCIO, and as soon as three months after my first session I felt like a new person! I was so close to giving up at ever finding out what was causing all the health troubles I was experiencing and suddenly I had answers, which meant that I also had solutions. The fact that SCIO has a natural approach to addressing health issues was also a huge draw for me as I feel that I’m not filling my body with toxins that it just doesn’t need. This relaxing, non-invasive treatment has been a life changing experience for me and I continue to enjoy the benefits to this day.

Gelsomina, Surrey

I have found the SCIO to be an invaluable tool at the time of diagnosing disease due to its incredible accurary. It is unlike anything I have ever seen in Western medicine. The SCIO was able to evaluate the functioning of my body organs, tissues, cells... It was able to locate specific viruses, bacterias, and fungi within the body as well as make an assessment of my nutritional status, hormonal balance etc... Eva was then able to give me most effective treatment by testing how my body would react to different herbal medicines to ensure the treatment is as effective as possible.

Treatment has been extremely effective thus far and I believe that having regular check ups will not only treat existing ailments but is key in the prevention of long term degenerative diseases..

Barbara, Spain


"The SCIO is to be used as a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device does not diagnose any issue other than stress. Stress can come from many sources; this system uses many multimedia therapies to reduce stress. This device also measures client’s electrophysiological reactivity which is another way to represent stress. Only a licensed healthcare practitioner can diagnose a client. The system is calibrated to measure the very fine and subtle electrical reactions to a group of biological and medical stressors. The sensitivity is set so fine so as to pick up the earliest sign of distress and issues related to distress. Therefore, the results might be below the client recognition. The readings should be evaluated by trained biofeedback technicians. Always consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner. Always use additional tests or referrals. No claims other than stress detection and stress reduction may be made"
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